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Electric Vehicle Resources for Local Government March 8, 2022 NJ DEP Accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption in New Jersey with incentives, procurement tools, policy and planning support, and more. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Planning for Transit-Friendly Land Use: A Handbook for New Jersey Communities Feb. 4, 2022 NJ TRANSIT NJ TRANSIT created the handbook to assist users interested in improving the relationship between land use planning and transit. The handbook is a tool that communities can use to create and implement transit-friendly land use plans around their transit stations, along their major transit corridors and for proposed new areas of development. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
FACT SHEET: Competitive Infrastructure Funding Opportunities for Local Governments Jan. 20, 2022 Using these available sources of funds, cities can begin to plan to build in-line with President Biden’s economic, equity, climate and resilience, Made in America, and labor goals. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Municipal Management of Extreme Heat May 31, 2021 DVRPC The brochure summarizes the causes of current and future extreme heat, the impacts of extreme heat on vulnerable populations and infrastructure, and how municipalities can mitigate, prepare for, and respond to extreme heat events. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
COVID Mobility Works April 1, 2021 COVID Mobility Works An independent platform that collects mobility initiatives that are keeping the world moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. The website can be used by policymakers, innovators, researchers and advocates to inform new initiatives that create a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable transportation systems for all. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Electric Vehicle Resource Kit for Municipalities March 1, 2021 DVRPC This resource kit is intended to help the user answer "What should my municipality do about electric vehicles?" Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Goods Movement Strategies for Communities Aug. 1, 2020 NJTPA A tool for starting the discussion to address questions and issues regarding the freight movement in your area. Users can include local officials, developers, transportation providers and property owners. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
City Limits: Setting Safe Speed Limits on Urban Streets July 1, 2020 NACTO Provides city practitioners with guidance on how to strategically set speed limits on urban streets, using a Safe Systems approach, to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Municipal Implementation Toolbox Aug. 1, 2019 DVRPC Contains resources, case studies, and model/sample ordinances for more than 80 tools municipalities can use to implement the Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan in their own jurisdictions. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Smart Growth Best Practices Brochure April 1, 2017 CJTF Reference guide for mayors, members of governing bodies, and planning boards in Central New Jersey who are looking to address development impacts in their municipality. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Development Review Checklist for Consideration of Transit Oct. 23, 2013 CJTF Created to help municipalities ensure that transit access, stop placement, and bus stop design issues are considered for new development and/or redevelopment. It can be used as an advisory document or strengthened by codifying it into municipal zoning ordinances. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Bus Shelters for Municipalities June 1, 2013 NJ TRANSIT NJ Transit installs bus shelters at no cost to the communities that request them provided the communities agree to accept responsibility for any future maintenance and liability. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Integrating Demand Management into the Transportation Planning Process: A Desk Reference Aug. 1, 2012 FHWA The purpose of the desk reference is to provide the reader with a better understanding of where, how, and when to integrate TDM into the evolving performance-based transportation planning process. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Local Policies and Practices That Support Safe Pedestrian Environments Jan. 1, 2012 National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Documents various tools and strategies used by municipalities to improve the safety, convenience, and accessibility of the pedestrian experience. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Bus Stop Safety Toolbox Aug. 1, 2011 NJTPA Recommendations related to physical improvements and design guidelines to create safer bus stops. This includes consideration of bus stop design and location, pedestrian signage/signals, pavement markings and area illumination. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
Incorporating TDM into the Land Development Process Oct. 1, 2005 FDOT The report documents efforts to secure TDM strategies as part of development approvals, summarizes the long range planning groundwork that frames the land development process, provides several case study examples from Florida and nationwide and also identifies several institutional barriers to the use of TDM as part of the land development process. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA
A Guidebook for Developing Circulation Plans Oct. 1, 2005 Keep Middlesex Moving A framework for improving circulation plan elements in municipal master plans. Municipal Tools DVRPC, NJTPA