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The Princeton Transitway Study Nov. 30, 2022 NJ Transit The Princeton Transitway Study is a concept-level review of the Princeton Branch to define the future of transit service on the Princeton Branch. It identifies and assesses existing and future needs, evaluates opportunities to utilize the corridor as a multi-modal backbone for improved mobility in the Princeton and West Windsor area, and recommends alternatives to advance to future study. It is the first step in the project delivery process. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
What's in Store: Exploring the Future of Shopping Malls in Greater Philadelphia April 1, 2022 DVRPC This report summarizes research designed to help communities throughout Greater Philadelphia better understand the challenges and opportunities created by struggling or vacant mall properties. This document summarizes trends in shopping mall redevelopment and presents planning considerations that can help local governments revitalize mall properties as greater community assets. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Overview of U.S. Treasury's Final Rule for ARPA Fiscal Recovery Fund March 22, 2022 NACo An updated analysis of the U.S. Treasury Department's Final Rule on the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, which provides additional clarity on revenue loss, ineligible uses, and reporting requirements Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Moving to a Complete Streets Design Model March 1, 2022 FHWA The House Report encouraged the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) to adopt a Complete Streets design model, and to evaluate its current activities related to that goal. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Analysis Jan. 1, 2022 NARC A compilation of the most relevant information for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs), and regions generally in the Senate’s bill. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Barriers to Building Generational Wealth: Mortgage Lending Disparities Across Greater Philadelphia June 1, 2021 DVRPC This report provides an analysis of mortgage lending trends throughout Greater Philadelphia from 2004-2019, and presents findings of racial, ethnic, and geographic mortgage lending disparities that exist within the region. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Creating a Healthier, Prosperous and More Equitable Future for all New Jersey’s Residents Feb. 1, 2021 NJCPA A comprehensive package of recommendations for state, county and local governments to consider as they develop plans and strategies to address the long-lasting impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Guidebook and Research Plan to Help Communities Improve Transportation to Health Care Services Jan. 26, 2021 TRB Details how to initiate a dialogue between transportation and health care providers as well as subsequent actions and strategies for pursuing a partnership and implementing transportation solutions appropriate for patients. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Preparing Greater Philadelphia for Highly Automated Vehicles Jan. 1, 2021 DVRPC A companion to Dispatches from Alternative Futures (DVRPC Publication #20012), this report explores the future of transportation through the lens of vehicular automation. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Infrastructure for Recovery and Renewal Jan. 1, 2021 RPA How a Federal Infrastructure Program Can Lift the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Metropolitan Region. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Plan 2050 Background Paper: Climate Change and Transportation Dec. 1, 2020 NJTPA The NJTPA is publishing a series of background papers to inform its update of the region’s Long Range Transportation Plan. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
PLAN 2050 BACKGROUND PAPER: Transportation Technology Dec. 1, 2020 NJTPA The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority recently issued a background paper to inform on the update of its long-range transportation plan. The paper foresees progress implementing connected vehicle technology within the next decade, which allow the coordination of vehicles as they travel. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Broadband: Part 2: Understanding the Digital Divide Oct. 31, 2020 DVRPC This report is the second in a three-part series aimed at assessing the digital divide within the region (both pre- and mid-COVID-19). The third and final part will provide recommendations and strategies for how to bridge that divide. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Development Matters: Understanding the Opportunities and Implications of Multifamily Development Sept. 1, 2020 DVRPC In an effort to help our planning partners better understand the state of multifamily housing and evaluate the potential impacts and opportunities created by multifamily development, this document presents the key findings from this research and discusses real estate trends, demographics, and travel behavior. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Back on Board: A Guide to Safe(r) Transit in the Era of COVID-19 June 10, 2020 Tri-State Transportation Campaign Aimed at public transit agencies, government officials, riders, and businesses, this report features over 50 recommendations to make transit safe for riders during and post-COVID. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Land Use Impacts on Transport June 5, 2020 VTPI This paper examines how various land use factors such as density, regional accessibility, mix and roadway connectivity affect travel behavior, including per capita vehicle travel, mode split and nonmotorized travel. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Broadband: Discussing the Technology June 1, 2020 DVRPC This report takes a preliminary look at the state of broadband in Greater Philadelphia. It is also the first in a three-part series aimed at assessing the digital divide within the region (both pre- and post-COVID-19), and formulating strategies for how to bridge that divide. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Transit-Oriented Development, NJ Future May 1, 2019 NJ Future Blogs, articles, reports, presentations and testimony supporting the expansion of TOD near New Jersey’s transit stations, and encouraging municipalities to enact zoning that allows such development to occur. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Comuter Traffic Changes in Rt 1 Study Area 2008-2017 Feb. 1, 2019 Princeton Transportation Task Group Very preliminary findings by the Princeton Transportation Task Group. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Identifying Opportunities for Expanded Park-and-Ride Capacity in South Jersey Feb. 1, 2016 DVRPC This project sought to assess locations where New Jersey Transit (NJT) bus and train PNR demand exceeds capacity, or is likely to do so in the future within the DVPRC region in South Jersey (the study area), and develop candidate locations for PNR investment. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
CR 571 Park & Ride Study Nov. 1, 2012 DVRPC Summarizes existing park-and-ride facilities in the corridor, details potential new locations and their attributes, and assigns a preliminary rating for each location based on selected criteria. The analysis identifies four strong candidates for new park-and-ride facilities, and one strong candidate for additional capacity (to go along with additional service). Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Proposal for Incorporating Public Transit Provisions into a State Highway Access Management Code Jan. 1, 2010 TRB This paper describes how New Jersey Transit, a statewide public transit operator, participated in a project sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) to revise New Jersey's State Highway Access Management Code (access code). Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Integrating Transportation Land Use and in Comprehensive Plans Dec. 1, 2009 PennDOT This handbook is intended as a resource for Pennsylvania’s county and municipal leaders who seek practical guidance in better integrating land use and transportation in their comprehensive plan efforts (though its contents may be useful for NJ as well!). Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
Bus Rapid Transit Practitioner's Guide Jan. 1, 2007 Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Explores the costs, impacts, and effectiveness of implementing selected BRT components. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA
US 1 Bus Rapid Transit Alternative Analysis Study Feb. 1, 2006 NJ TRANSIT Executive Summary of a study by NJ TRANSIT in cooperation with DVRPC, NJTPA and NJDOT on a Central NJ Route 1 BRT Alternatives Analysis. In July, 2006 the Central Jersey Transportation Forum unanimously endorsed the Study and encouraged continuing progress on a US 1 BRT. Research and Reports DVRPC, NJTPA