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Barriers to Building Generational Wealth: Mortgage Lending Disparities Across Greater Philadelphia June 1, 2021 DVRPC This report provides an analysis of mortgage lending trends throughout Greater Philadelphia from 2004-2019, and presents findings of racial, ethnic, and geographic mortgage lending disparities that exist within the region. Research and Reports
Municipal Management of Extreme Heat May 31, 2021 DVRPC The brochure summarizes the causes of current and future extreme heat, the impacts of extreme heat on vulnerable populations and infrastructure, and how municipalities can mitigate, prepare for, and respond to extreme heat events. Municipal Tools
NJ Response to Climate Change Strategy May 1, 2021 NJ State The State of New Jersey Climate Change Resiliency Strategy described 125 actions across six policy areas that should be implemented in both private and public sectors. Regional Plans
COVID Mobility Works April 1, 2021 COVID Mobility Works An independent platform that collects mobility initiatives that are keeping the world moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. The website can be used by policymakers, innovators, researchers and advocates to inform new initiatives that create a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable transportation systems for all. Municipal Tools
Electric Vehicle Resource Kit for Municipalities March 1, 2021 DVRPC This resource kit is intended to help the user answer "What should my municipality do about electric vehicles?" Municipal Tools
Creating a Healthier, Prosperous and More Equitable Future for all New Jersey’s Residents Feb. 1, 2021 NJCPA A comprehensive package of recommendations for state, county and local governments to consider as they develop plans and strategies to address the long-lasting impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Research and Reports
Guidebook and Research Plan to Help Communities Improve Transportation to Health Care Services Jan. 26, 2021 TRB Details how to initiate a dialogue between transportation and health care providers as well as subsequent actions and strategies for pursuing a partnership and implementing transportation solutions appropriate for patients. Research and Reports
Infrastructure for Recovery and Renewal Jan. 1, 2021 RPA How a Federal Infrastructure Program Can Lift the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Metropolitan Region. Research and Reports
Preparing Greater Philadelphia for Highly Automated Vehicles Jan. 1, 2021 DVRPC A companion to Dispatches from Alternative Futures (DVRPC Publication #20012), this report explores the future of transportation through the lens of vehicular automation. Research and Reports
PLAN 2050 BACKGROUND PAPER: Transportation Technology Dec. 1, 2020 NJTPA The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority recently issued a background paper to inform on the update of its long-range transportation plan. The paper foresees progress implementing connected vehicle technology within the next decade, which allow the coordination of vehicles as they travel. Research and Reports
Plan 2050 Background Paper: Climate Change and Transportation Dec. 1, 2020 NJTPA The NJTPA is publishing a series of background papers to inform its update of the region’s Long Range Transportation Plan. Research and Reports
DRAFT HIGHTSTOWN BOROUGH MOBILITY MASTER PLAN Dec. 1, 2020 Borough of Hightstown, NJ This plan builds upon past efforts within the Borough to create an integrated and connected multi-modal transportation network that provides safe and accessible bicycle and walking facilities for people of all ages and abilities. Regional Plans
Broadband: Part 2: Understanding the Digital Divide Oct. 31, 2020 DVRPC This report is the second in a three-part series aimed at assessing the digital divide within the region (both pre- and mid-COVID-19). The third and final part will provide recommendations and strategies for how to bridge that divide. Research and Reports
Destination 2040: Middlesex County Strategic Plan Oct. 26, 2020 Middlesex County Destination 2040 is Middlesex County's strategic plan, which will shape how our county will grow and change in the future. Regional Plans
Development Matters: Understanding the Opportunities and Implications of Multifamily Development Sept. 1, 2020 DVRPC In an effort to help our planning partners better understand the state of multifamily housing and evaluate the potential impacts and opportunities created by multifamily development, this document presents the key findings from this research and discusses real estate trends, demographics, and travel behavior. Research and Reports
Goods Movement Strategies for Communities Aug. 1, 2020 NJTPA A tool for starting the discussion to address questions and issues regarding the freight movement in your area. Users can include local officials, developers, transportation providers and property owners. Municipal Tools
City Limits: Setting Safe Speed Limits on Urban Streets July 1, 2020 NACTO Provides city practitioners with guidance on how to strategically set speed limits on urban streets, using a Safe Systems approach, to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries. Municipal Tools
Back on Board: A Guide to Safe(r) Transit in the Era of COVID-19 June 10, 2020 Tri-State Transportation Campaign Aimed at public transit agencies, government officials, riders, and businesses, this report features over 50 recommendations to make transit safe for riders during and post-COVID. Research and Reports
Land Use Impacts on Transport June 5, 2020 VTPI This paper examines how various land use factors such as density, regional accessibility, mix and roadway connectivity affect travel behavior, including per capita vehicle travel, mode split and nonmotorized travel. Research and Reports
Broadband: Discussing the Technology June 1, 2020 DVRPC This report takes a preliminary look at the state of broadband in Greater Philadelphia. It is also the first in a three-part series aimed at assessing the digital divide within the region (both pre- and post-COVID-19), and formulating strategies for how to bridge that divide. Research and Reports
Greater Mercer Trails Plan Nov. 1, 2019 Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association The Greater Mercer Trails Plan is a living plan that will take shape and be implemented over time, segment by segment, and community by community, to create a low-stress, all ages network of trails, paths, and on-street facilities for walking, biking, hiking, and a variety of other activities and pursuits. Regional Plans
Greater Mercer Trails Map Nov. 1, 2019 Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association Elements of the Greater Mercer Trails Plan including Proposed Long Distance Corridors; Existing Long Distance Corridors; Proposed Local Trails; Existing Local Trails; and Proposed County Trails (As proposed in the Mercer County Bike Trail Plan). Regional Plans
Municipal Implementation Toolbox Aug. 1, 2019 DVRPC Contains resources, case studies, and model/sample ordinances for more than 80 tools municipalities can use to implement the Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan in their own jurisdictions. Municipal Tools
Transit-Oriented Development, NJ Future May 1, 2019 NJ Future Blogs, articles, reports, presentations and testimony supporting the expansion of TOD near New Jersey’s transit stations, and encouraging municipalities to enact zoning that allows such development to occur. Research and Reports
Comuter Traffic Changes in Rt 1 Study Area 2008-2017 Feb. 1, 2019 Princeton Transportation Task Group Very preliminary findings by the Princeton Transportation Task Group. Research and Reports